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08-09 of August 2020

Senseï Junior Lefevre
World and European Champion
World and European medalist

Samedi-Saturday: kumite

13h00-16h00: Techniques

16h30-19h30: Tsukies Waza

19H45: BBQ

Dimanche-Sunday: kumite

10h30-13h30: Techniques

14h00-17h00: Tsukies Waza

Saturday and Sunday: 120€

The fee per day: 70€

BBQ included

The fee for the bi-camps: 50€ par jour suplementaire

Monday 19 of August till Friday 23 of August 2019 only for compétitors

Training from 10H30 till 13H00 and 14H30 till 17H00

Training with Senseï Junior Lefevre

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